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An apartment with sea view in a modern villa with swimming pool in the Gargano Park

T.The detached villa, located in the countryside of the Gargano National Park less than five minutes from the sea, is surrounded by a large sunny garden, with trees.The holiday home of your dreams is here. After a day at the beach, a bike excursion or a visit to the artistic beauties of our splendid territory, the ideal is to enjoy a moment of relaxation by the pool on our magnificent terrace overlooking the sea.

Detached villa with swimming pool and sea view Gargano

Why choose Residence Montelci in a beautiful villa with swimming pool ? Relaxation and fun for the whole family will accompany you during your vacation. The Montelci Residence has a swimming pool, where guests can swim, find refreshment on hot summer days, or relax in an environment of absolute tranquility and relaxation, enjoying the wonderful panorama of the Gargano sea, with its countryside and olive groves.

Book a villa for your holiday with a sea view surrounded by greenery and guaranteed relaxation. Choose an apartment or a modern villa immersed in the nature of the Gargano Park. Residence with swimming pool – with the availability of a modern villa or comfortable furnished apartments perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment and nature.