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The Gargano and its Beaches

Do you want to spend your holidays in Vieste by the sea ? Find the Gargano Beaches from Mattinata to Vieste mare. The Residence Montelci, with sea view, is ideally located for visiting the beaches around Mattinata for couples and families. The best choice for your holidays on the Gargano and its beaches. Find the best Beaches from Mattinata to Vieste mare. The beaches of the Gargano cover 140 kilometers of coastline in one of the most beautiful places in the country, with beaches, coves and caves.

Morning on the beach

The Mattinatella beach is located in the municipality of Mattinata and is easily accessible along the provincial road that connects Vieste Mare to Mattinata. It is composed of sand and small gravel of light color and is covered by the extraordinary vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub with a pine forest behind it.

The two beaches of Mattinatella

Composed of two adjoining beaches, divided by a rock spike of 100m, both composed of gravel. On the north side (280m) it is completely unspoiled and not accessible from the ground. It is a destination for those who want to devote themselves to underwater fishing. The west-facing beach (580m) is surrounded by cliffs but is well served by accommodation facilities.

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Vignanotica Bay

Holidays on the Gargano

You want to pass beach holidays in Puglia? Vieste Mare is a seaside and seaside resort known nationally and internationally. The Vignanotica Bay rises in Mattinata along the provincial road that connects the village to the famous Vieste . Nestled between the wildlife reserve of Santa Tecla and the forest nature reserve of Monte Barone.

Vignanotica bay

Vignanotica Beach is located along the Provincial 53 that connects Vieste to Mattinata, right on the border between the two municipalities. Partly free and partly equipped with refreshment points, cafes and establishments where you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs, the beach is an expanse of pebbles and gravel immersed in a breathtaking scenery characterized by high white limestone cliffs overlooking the sea.

Romantic atmosphere

Vignanotica Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Gargano. The vegetation, the rocks and the crystal clear sea create a very romantic and suggestive atmosphere, which is why Vignanotica has become one of the most popular beaches of the Gargano.Vignanotica can be reached along a winding road that winds its way through nature for about 3 kilometers. untouched and wild.


Bay of the Zagare

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Holidays in Vieste Mare and Gargano Beaches


Cala delle Pergole beach

The Cala delle Pergole beach is small and pretty and can be reached easily by car via a road that winds from the Vieste-Mattinata Provincial Road.

Cala dell’Aquila Mattinata

The Cala dell’Aquila or Baia dell’Aquila is an enchanting place where relaxation and tranquility are the masters also thanks to the fact that it is difficult to reach.

Cala dei Morti Mattinata

Cala dei Morti beach can only be reached by sea and is wild and virgin.