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Aperitif on the terrace in Montelci with the best Apulian wines

Apulian wines

In the past, Apulian wines were considered given only to enrich the alcohol content of northern wines. Although it has always been appreciated and consumed locally. For many decades Pugliese wine has been used as a “blending” wine to reinforce wines from northern Italy. By giving it a higher alcohol content and a more decisive structure, however, for many years the Apulian producers have dedicated themselves to enhancing the enormous enological potential of the region by focusing on quality products.

Currently Apulian wines, especially reds, are known and appreciated all over the world. The link between Puglia and wine is very ancient and the wine production in this region has always been among the most important in Italy. Together with the beauty of the sea and good food, wine is one of the workhorses of Puglia.

Apulian wines in purity and exceptional blend

To be tasted during a dinner in a typical restaurant, between a plate of orecchiette and a terrine of grilled caciocavallo, or in your own apartment, imagining being surrounded by olive trees after buying a bottle online, the Apulian wines will tell you about the the most authentic part of the territory, made up of simple things, like drinking a good wine in company.

Negroamaro, Primitivo, Uva di Troia, Malvasia Nera, Bombino Nero name by which the French Cinsaut is called in the region. As always, there is no lack of international grapes, above all Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wealth, tradition, climate: these are the most important ingredients that determine the success of Puglia winemaking: great wines.Aperitif on the terrace with the best Apulians – Residence Montelci.

The best Apulian white wines

But in Puglia not only red wines are produced, but also interesting white wines, especially from native grapes, such as Bombino Bianco, Malvasia Bianca, Verdeca, Moscato Bianco and Pampanuto. Curiosity, Chardonnay, despite being a grape that has no “historical” ties with Puglia. And in fact, the most cultivated and widespread white grape in the region. The very fragrant Apulian rosé wines deserve a chapter in themselves.In Puglia, excellent sparkling wines are also produced. Puglia is one of the regions with the greatest wine production, there are also many wines produced including many DOCs, white wines, red wines, sparkling wines.