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The Gargano Park enhances access to the UNESCO Basilica of Monte Sant'Angelo

Lhe UNESCO Basilica of Monte Sant'Angelo will become even more beautiful, welcoming and easily accessible for the millions of faithful and tourists who visit it every year thanks to the redevelopment and enhancement project of Piazza d'Angiò (the square adjacent to the Sanctuary) financed byGargano National Park Authority with 850 thousand euros.

The executive project, carried out within the resources made available by the Park Authority and approved by the municipal council of Monte Sant'Angelo, provides for the elimination of some situations of environmental and architectural degradation highlighted several times by the MIBACT including the current parking lot, the replacement of the asphalt road surface with local stone paving, the green arrangement with parking areas for pedestrians, the enhancement of the path that leads from the square to a green area adjacent to the Castle and the reorganization of the toilets. The architectural and furnishing solutions will transform Piazza d'Angiò into the natural continuation of the churchyard of the Basilica.

The places subject to intervention fall completely within the Park area and fall within the so-called 'Buffer Zone', that is the buffer zone defined by UNESCO as "an area that must guarantee an additional level of protection to assets recognized as world heritage sites". These are interventions foreseen by the UNESCO management plan and therefore of fundamental importance to allow the Basilica of Monte Sant'Angelo to maintain its registration in the World Heritage List.

"As an institution we are very happy - declares the President of Parco Pasquale Pazienza - to announce the imminent start of the works just to coincide with the ninth birthday of the prestigious award. In recent months, the organization has finally managed to unlock an important project that dates back to 2014 and which had stalled in recent years. We await the release of the building permit from the Municipality and then proceed with the contracting of the works. Personally I feel great satisfaction having been among the university researchers who in 2007 contributed, under the coordination of the University of Udine, to the drafting of the management plan of the serial site 'The Longobards in Italy. Places of power required for candidacy for UNESCO recognition ”.

The birthday of the UNESCO Sanctuary will be followed, with two initiatives, by that of Old beech trees of the Umbra Forest, recognized on 7 July 2017 Natural Heritage of Humanity. The first, scheduled for July 5th, it includes a walk through a religious-naturalistic path 30 km long from the Basilica of Monte Sant'Angelo to the Umbra Forest (departure at 7.30, for info: 347 1700419). The second will take place precisely on July 7 among the UNESCO beech trees that will be the backdrop to concert by the Umberto Giordano Conservatory of Foggia. Due to the limitations imposed following the Coronavirus emergency, the event will not be accessible to the public but can be followed in live streaming on the Facebook pages of the Gargano National Park Authority and the Municipality of Monte Sant'Angelo starting at 18.00.

(Photo by Matteo Nuzziello)

Friday 26 June 2020