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The town of white houses faces the Gulf of the same name, and is surrounded by olive trees, prickle pear cacti and citrus and almond trees.

Excursions to sea grottos

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Fishing boats leave from the Mattinata beach to take tourists to various sea grottos along the coast of the Gargano National Park.
Also of interest, a number of inland caves and grottos, particularly the one of Monte Sant’Angelo, with the altar of St. Micheal Archangel.

The spontaneous orchids paths

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Mattinata is famous for its wild orchids. Of the existing 80 species, 54 can be found in this area of the Gargano region.

Visit to the Monte Sacro Abbey

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Beyond Mattinata stands the Monte Sacro (Sacred Mount), 874 m, the highest in the eastern Gargano. Located on this mountain are the ruins of the Benidictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity, a sacred hermitage built in a Garganic-Apulian-Romanic style.

Visit to the Necropolis of Mount Saraceno

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The necropolis-sanctuary of Mount Saraceno, surrounded by the ancient Matinum, preserves the impressive remains of the Dauni’s ancient civilisation.
Some of the 500 tombs of the necropolis can be seen among the calcareous rocks, a little above the road that ascends amidst rosemary plants and the Mediterranean scrub.

Excursions in the Umbrian Forest

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There is a luxuriant forest in the heart of the Gargano promontory, which offers respite from the Summer heat in its verdant shade. A millennial green oasis, that has preserved its vegetation almost intact. It attracts nature photography enthusiasts and is also the destination of researchers and lovers of the flora and fauna that inhabit this territory.

Visit to the Tremiti Islands

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Approximately 12 miles away from the Gargano seashore are the Tremiti Islands, known as “the pearls of the Adriatic Sea” for their enchanting and unspoilt beauty. The small archipelago comprises the islands of San Nicola, San Domino, Cretaccio, Caprara, and – approx. 11 miles from those – the Island of Pianosa. Their crystal clear waters attract thousands of tourists every year.

Visit to the Monte Sant’Angelo village

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Monte Sant’Angelo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located on the highest spot of the Gargano promontory (at 843 m). The spur from which it rises is made of calcareous rocks and is hollowed by several caves and grottos, among which the most famous one hosts the altar of St. Micheal Archangel.

Visit to San Giovanni Rotondo

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The remains of St. Pio from Pietralcina are preserved at San Giovanni Rotondo. There are also monumental architectural works such as the Sanctuary, designed by Renzo Piano, and the majestic Via Crucis, dedicated to the humble Capuchin monk.


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